Wheelchair Lifts

Any proficient contractor or home builder will agree that only experienced subcontractors, such as the ones who practice in the fitting of lifts and elevators, should succeed at providing exceptional services and carefulness. Primarily, contractors and builders need accurate information and a set of instructions so that the lifts or elevators, at the time of installation, are set up safely and proficiently.

When installing wheelchair lifts and elevators, the installer should have clear and detailed instructions to guarantee that the installation area is properly organized and ready for work. These careful instructions are provided in the form of a comprehensive, site-specific drawings prepared by Ocean Elevator Company. These drawings specify the job description, which also includes the precise dimensions needed, in addition to power and site of the hoist way openings. Our drawings also indicate the product specifications as well as the selected options.

Ocean Elevator Company’s representatives are very well aware of the essentials that are needed to deliver a successful installation. Serving a diverse market, our representatives offer extraordinary customer service.

Our installation engineers, as well as maintenance and repair technicians, are certified and have been rigorously trained to excel at their specific services. We hire only certified technicians who exhibit the competence of effectively installing, maintaining and troubleshooting our wheelchair lifts.

Our experience in collaborating with contractors, builders and architects on wheelchair lifts empower us to design and install a lift that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. There are various types of wheelchair lifts along with a diverse pattern of uses for different buildings and homes. Commercial and residential wheelchair lifts might appear and operate in the same way, but since building codes vary significantly, the installations requirements differ accordingly. Ocean Elevator Company’s personalized installations can overcome almost any type of structural or architectural obstructions.

We understand that everyone has different needs. That is exactly why we offer a collection of different wheelchair lift types and models. It is imperative to choose only the best wheelchair lift that is suitable according to your needs and lifestyle.

Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Residential wheelchair lifts, or platform wheelchair lifts, are very multipurpose devices that can help in entering into and exiting your residence, or can even be used for moving up and down within the house.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

We can provide profitable handicap access to you by means of installing the perfect right vertical or incline platform for you to access multiple levels within your set up, whether the stairs are straight, curved or encompass multiple landings.

Ocean Elevator Company supplies and fits a wide variety of wheelchair lifts, each of them designed to overcome all of the physical barriers for individuals with disabilities or any incapacities. These lifts can be installed for both permanent and portable purposes. Our wheelchair lifts are suave riding, soundless and comfortably space-efficient. In case of a power failure, we also provide an optional battery backup or emergency lowering system for your comfort and ease.

Our vertical wheelchair lifts offer a high maximum lifting height and can also easily disregard any extensive ramps. They can be installed for indoor as well as outdoor locations, and for home or for public use.

Our quality-engineered wheelchair lifts are accessible for residential and commercial installations. In addition to this, we also provide vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts that will enable you to carry a wheelchair or mobility scooter with you everywhere you go. Our cost is incomparably economical, and we also provide nationwide delivery and installation services. You can get in touch with us in case of any additional queries before you make a decision to do business with us.

We recognize that selecting a wheelchair lift can be a bit of an overwhelming experience, particularly if you don’t have the experience of doing it before. However, you can also get in touch with our experts to receive guidance on choosing what’s best for you at a price that you can afford. You can even browse through the list of testimonials on our website to read how happy and satisfied our customers are with our services. That happens only because we deliver what we promise…after all, it’s you who we care about the most!

Enjoy a smooth noiseless ride, with easy operation and maintenance-free reliability that you can trust for life.