If you have been facing a difficulty climbing up and down the stairs, you are definitely not suffering alone. There are hundreds, even thousands, of people who seek for a solution to this problem posed by the staircase in their home. Ocean Elevator Company’s stairlifts offer a safe and trustworthy way of helping you overcome this shortcoming of going up and down the stairs each day.

We offer a variety of straight and curved stairlifts that you can choose according to yours need. Not just that, we also supply stairlifts for outdoor staircases as well.

Ocean Elevator Company offers stairlift choices that are suitable for every budget and space there is. Considered among the best-selling lift and elevator services in the United States, we have set the highest standards for stairlift quality, design, and safety. Our expert technicians and installation specialists can help you choose a stairlift that’s absolutely fitting for you, while ensuring to provide a highly professional, respectful service. Regardless of your staircase being straight or curved, or whether it is indoors or outdoors, we offer you stairlifts that fit your needs – whatever they may be. With a close-fitting wall-to-rail fit and one of the tiniest folded chair widths in the industry, no stairlift can take up less space than us. That’s guaranteed!

It is vital to mention here that not all stairlifts are the same. Every home that has stairs requires a bespoke solution, and we take absolute pride in delivering a solution that suits every individual’s different circumstances.

Our stairlifts have been designed to merge impeccably with the interior of your residential or commercial property. Whether it is a classic vintage style home or has been designed based on contemporary architectural lines, or if your staircase is straight or curved, we will help you find the right stairlift for your requirement. We design elegant yet robust stairlifts that can safely stand the test of time and last for a lifetime.

Every single stairlift we create is tested before dispatching it from our warehouse, so that it is delivered in a 100% perfect working condition.

Our straight rails are amended to aptly fit the dimensions of your stairs. Additionally, all our curved rails are custom made that can easily outline the definitions of your staircase.

We at Ocean Elevator Company execute our own manufacturing hence enabling us to seek an appropriate solution even for even the most complex or steep staircases. Our lift models are designed and tailor-made to fit according to every structure of the house. The stairlifts from our company are renowned for their safety, comfortability and the best driving mechanisms. In addition to that, we are low-maintenance and offer a reliable service in installing the many thousands of stairlifts.

With one of our stairlifts, you will no longer have to bear going through an unpleasant and low-quality piece of machinery on your stairs. Our product range can suitably blend discreetly into your house, or be customized to become a practical feature of your home.

Before you go ahead with selecting the right stairlift for yourself, why not take some time out to consider talking to one of our experts to help you make a decision that is based on the facts and figures of your structural design and focused on your specific needs.

At Ocean Elevator Company, we are committed to making your everyday life easier, especially for seniors and those with disabilities. This includes enabling active lifestyles based on your own requirements, which is precisely why we provide well-designed solutions to help you attain maximum independence while being safe and contented.

Our professional technicians are experts at installing our lifts, as well as repairing lifts and elevators to solve any kind of accessibility problem, whilst observing the local code requirements and providing professional project guidance.

Don’t take chances with your elevator or lift project. Trust only the trained and certified experts and representatives at our company for your peace of mind.

At Ocean Elevator Company, we believe that mobility issues should not become a hindrance for you to live an active and accomplished life. Being ranked among the U.S.’s leading stairlift provider, we go an extra mile to do much more than just sell you your need. We are here to develop a long-term relationship with our customers in order to serve you in the best possible way…just the way you deserve!