Modern building, interiorCommercial Elevator Installation 

Accessibility has become a point of emphasis for many multi-story commercial buildings. Older buildings that only have stairs available to reach a different floor may be out of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes clubs, churches, and any other business that may have multiple stories to their building without an elevator. Commercial elevator installation in South Florida can create the accessibility that is needed and help to bring a building into compliance quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works. With a Limited Use/Limited Application [LU/LA] elevator, a hybrid installation between a wheelchair lift and a full commercial elevator can be installed in many existing buildings for a surprisingly affordable price. Once operational, compliance issues with the ADA generally go away.

Commercial Elevators Do Some Heavy Lifting 

A unique component of the commercial elevator is that some businesses may have a requirement for heavy lifting between floors. This is where a freight elevator or lift can provide some unique advantages. With the capability of lifting over 100,000 pounds in some instances, each business can have the unique commercial elevator installation in South Florida that is needed so their needs can be met.

The modern business must have a complete vertical lifting solution if there are multiple stories to their building. With options available for new construction and existing older buildings, there is an elevator that will meet specific needs while providing accessibility to those who need it. Don’t wait until you’re forced to put in a commercial elevator before a deadline because your building is out of code. Look at having an elevator installed today to meet the needs of your customers and your business.